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Apparel Labels

Cost-Effective In-House Garment Labeling

Apparel Labeling

With a QuickLabel printer in your distribution center, factory, or assembly shop, you can custom-print thousands of care and content labels, graphic hang tags, and pressure-sensitive sizer strips in minutes.

Get 10 or 10,000 Labels Right Away

QuickLabel printers can print around the clock and make it cost-effective to print custom labels in custom quantities. Print the labels you need and eliminate your inventory of printed labels. Never
again be forced to meet minimum purchase quantity requirements.

Add Value for Your Retailers and Distributors

Instantly print each customer's label format, downloading digital files and printing jobs in minutes from your PC or network. Easily modify label content on the fly.

Apprel Labeling

Get Benefit of Variable Information Printing

Print graphics, text in any language, and care symbols on the same integrated tag, in one step. Reduce the number of tags used.

Print Double-Sided Labels

QuickLabel duplex printers simultaneously print graphics in one color on top of tag, and care symbols and text in a single color on reverse side.

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