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Candy Labels and Chocolate Labels

Print Your Own Candy Labels with QuickLabel Printers

Candy Labeling

Confectioners take delight in QuickLabel Systems label printers. Everyone knows that tasty candy and chocolates draw in repeat customers, but it’s appealing packaging and labels that first grab the attention of potential customers. The good news is, with a QuickLabel printer you will have the ability to print beautiful, customized product labels on demand!

Start a Private Label Candy Program with the Help of a QuickLabel Printer

A private label program can be a great addition to many candy and chocolate companies. With your own label printer, you can offer to print custom candy labels with business logos for trade shows, conventions, fundraisers, or personalized labels for weddings, birthdays and other events. Many Kiaro! label printer owners are enjoying this flexibility, and enjoying the added income from selling a higher volume to a larger market.

The possibilities are endless with personalized labels!

Print Your Own Candy Labels with the Kiaro! Inkjet Label Printer

Candy Labels

You’ll be printing custom candy labels in no time with the Kiaro! inkjet label printer. From an endless variety of colorful brand graphics to personalized messages and company logos, you’ll have the world of digital color label printing at your fingertips every time you press “print.”

The Kiaro! prints photo-quality labels at up to 8 inches per second and has a low cost per label.

Easily Print Holiday Candy Labels with a Kiaro! Label Printer

All over the world, holidays are associated with candy and chocolates. Festively labeled sweets make for the perfect gifts. Now you can have the ability to print special Christmas labels, Valentine’s Labels, Easter Labels, Halloween Labels, and more! With such a large percentage of candy and chocolate being sold around holidays, it is essential to have stand-out labels. With a Kiaro! inkjet label printer it is so easy and cost-effective to print as many different label designs as you’d like with no wasted labels between batches.

Print Your Own Candy Labels with a Pronto! Barcode Printer

A QuickLabel Pronto! label printer is an ideal option for printing labelsin a single color with barcodes, ingredients, and nutrition facts.

With a high resolution barcode printer like the Pronto! 486, you can print monochrome labels in any single color using thermal transfer ribbons – including metallic colors like gold and silver. This makes the Pronto! a great option for both barcode labels and front of product labels.

Keep Customers Safe by Printing Your Own Labels with Nutrition Facts and Allergy Warnings

Candy companies can print beautiful labels for their products with clear allergen warning labels with a QuickLabel printer. According to the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network an estimated 8% of children have a food allergy. Even nuttier is how quickly this seems to be rising; peanut allergies in children may have tripled in an 11-year span (1997-2008).

For confectioners wanting to clearly label whether or not a product is free of specific allergens AND print beautiful labels, we offer a fantastic solution, QuickLabel’s newest label printer, the Kiaro!, gives you the ability to print high quality labels on demand. This means that not only can you fit all of the necessary text on your label in an easy-to-read way, but you also can print detailed images and patterns on your labels.

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Customer Testimonials
Enstrom Candies

Enstrom Candies loves their Kiaro! label printer’s “speed and clarity. We are able to label many of our products for our retail stores much better than we have before.  There is a lot of potential for any private label opportunities also.”

– Enstrom Candies, purveyor of world-famous kitchen fresh Almond Toffee and owner of a Kiaro! label printer.

Lessiter’s Ltd

“The colours come out so vibrant [with the Kiaro!] that it has completely transformed our products and the speed of printing is remarkable. It works in great tandem with my design software.”

–Cassie Esterson, Head of Marketing, Lessiter’s Ltd.