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Cafeteria & College Dining Labels

Print Labels for Every Meal on Your Menu!

College Dining Services Labeling

University and College Dining Services Departments across the USA are printing their own custom food labels for sandwiches, salads, and other prepared foods using a desktop Kiaro! label printer.

Sell More with Special Labels for Special Events

With the Kiaro! inkjet label printer you can instantly print food labels in short runs for all campus special events – holidays, sporting events, fundraisers, camps, conferences, any and all campus activities. Pair your new food creations and familiar menu-favorites with brilliant customized labels that you design yourself, right in your kitchen or office.

Sell More with Great-Looking Labels

Using the Kiaro! label printer you can specialize in printing vibrant, beautiful color food labels that attract diners. It prints in 1200 dpi quality for stunning, lavish, and appetizing images. It’s also versatile enough to print basic one-color, or solid full-bleed labels for any color combination. And of course, it can print barcodes, expiration dates, and prices!

Dave’s Marketplace is Rhode Island’s largest independent grocer, and prints hundreds of thousands of food labels for its produce and prepared foods with the Kiaro! color label printer. See just how they’ve used the Kiaro! in this short testimonial video:

Steve Alfaia, POS coordinator & graphic designer at Dave’s, said “it’s a fabulous machine. I don’t know how I did some of the stuff I did without it… From a design standpoint right down to final production – it will produce anything you want.”

The Kiaro! Can Print Barcodes & Nutrition Facts

College Dining Services LabelingWith the Kiaro! label printer you can print use-by dates for all of your perishable prepared foods on an as-needed basis, the day you make them, no matter how many.

Because the Kiaro! prints in astonishing 1200 dpi you can print the most intricate, readable barcodes for any P.O.S. The fine detail is perfect for nutrition labels which contain a lot of information in a small amount of space. The Kiaro! can even print 3-point font so you can list every ingredient, and every vitamin percentage, on every one of your prepared foods.

Forget About Your Label Inventory

When relying on an outside print-house you have to keep track of your label inventory. Do you have enough chicken salad labels, or are you running out? You probably order thousands of pre-printed labels that take up valuable storage space.

With the Kiaro!, you print your own labels, however many you need, exactly when you need them. You totally eliminate your label inventory.

See For Yourself!

Schedule an in-person demonstration with one of our printers! We’ll come to you and use your artwork to show you exactly how well our printers can create your labels. Learn more and contact us today!


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Customer Testimonials
Dave's Marketplace

Dave's Marketplace Video

“The speed of the machine is very impressive … I wouldn’t want to give it up.”

–Steve Alfaia, Dave’s Marketplace