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Custom Labels for Small Businesses

For New Businesses, Printing Your Own Labels Makes Sense

Entrepreneur/New Business Labeling

Starting a new business is a difficult challenge. As a business owner, you know that minimizing costs and getting the best results often comes down to trusting yourself to do the job right, and not hiring others to do it for you.

Printing your labels is no different.  Printing labels in-house, with a Kiaro! inkjet label printer, is the most affordable, efficient, and convenient way to create labels for your products.

You’ll save money and time. And since you’ll never have to worry about labeling, you’ll be able to focus on the countless other challenges that come with a new business.

The Importance of Flexibility

Every new business quickly learns that it can be difficult to predict how quickly their products will take off. If you offer multiple products, it can be hard to determine which one will be most popular and which one will not.

By ordering your labels from an outside print house, you have to order thousands of labels for each of your products, to make sure you have enough - even if you don’t know how many of each product is going to sell. This leads to wasted labels, wasted inventory space, and wasted money.

Printing labels yourself with the Kiaro! means that you’ll never waste labels, facility space, or money on labels again.  You control what gets printed, and print only the labels you need, exactly when you need them. With a Kiaro! you can reduce your initial labeling cost, and won’t have to worry about having thousands of labels that you’ll never use.

Private Label Your Products

Entrepreneur Labels

The market for store brand products has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, and many entrepreneurs are eager to grab a piece of the action. Selling private label products leads to more customers, more sales, and wider distribution.

There is just one requirement for selling private label products: custom-labeled packaging. Customized labels increase the value of your product to stores and distributors. Fortunately, a Kiaro! label printer allows you to acquire the capacity to produce your own custom-labeled packaging.

Most entrepreneurs fail at private label sales because they cannot afford to ship small quantity orders with custom labels. With the Kiaro! digital label printer, you can cost-effectively print labels in short-run quantities. So, you can fulfill small orders of products with customized labels. Even better, you have the flexibility to print your labels anytime, because it takes just minutes to print a batch of labels at a print speed of 8 ips (40 feet per minute).

Using a Kiaro! inkjet label printer to print private label versions of your product label can create an entirely new revenue stream for your product. You can print store brand labels with retailer logos and branding,  distributor logos and branding, also print personalized labels for consumers to celebrate special events such as weddings, baptisms, quinceaneras and other birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

Avoiding Mistakes and Delays

When you hire an outside print-house to make your labels, you are hoping they don’t make mistakes, and you’re paying more money when they do. You spend time approving artwork, waiting to exchange proofs, and then waiting for printing and delivery. Finally, when you receive your pre-printed labels, you often find a color you don’t like, or a mistake on the label. This causes the process to start all over again!

By printing in-house, you control every part of your label production: the timeframe, the design, and the print quantity. You won’t have to pay shipping fees for misprinted labels, and will never have to worry about have too few (or too many) labels on hand.

Adapt to Change

A small business owner knows that adapting to change is critical to survival.

Customer demand may have you making changes to your product labels. If you need to make changes to your label and you use an outside print-house, it could take a few weeks and cost a lot of money before your changes are final.

Printing your own labels is the perfect solution for this situation. You can make any changes you need to your label design, print new labels, and ship your products the very same day.

An Overview of the Kiaro! for New Businesses:

Label Print Speed

The Kiaro! prints high-quality labels, and it prints them fast – at 8 inches per second, (40 feet per minute). With the Kiaro!, there is no strenuous set-up – it can be installed and printing your labels in under an hour. It prints straight from your digital artwork, and turns digital files into labels in less than a minute. There are no printing plates used.

Label Print Quality

Showing a beautiful label is often the only way to sell your product to a customer who is unfamiliar with your brand. Having a great-looking package on the shelf will increase purchases.
The Kiaro! prints in gorgeous 1200 dpi resolution, ensuring that your labels always look great. Your labels will be perfectly clear, will perfectly reproduce the colors in your artwork, and will display barcodes, small text, and other fine details with complete readability.

See for Yourself!

Don’t wait to start reaping the rewards a Kiaro! brings. Schedule a 30-minute in-person demonstration with a Kiaro! Inkjet label printer. And now is the best time to finance a Kiaro! because we’re offering  12 months of 0% interest! Contact us today to learn more about how the Kiaro! can help your new business succeed.
We can’t wait to hear from you!


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10 Ways New Businesses Save Money & Make Money with the Kiaro!
  1. Create Private Label Packaging to Sell More Products
  2. Eliminate Middleman Payment for Pre-Printed Labels
  3. Increase Packaging Speed by Printing Labels Instantly 
  4. Eliminate Label Mistakes
  5. Eliminate Label Obsolescence
  6. Reduce Label Inventory and Save Space
  7. Enjoy 100% In-House Control Over Labels
  8. Increase Label Printing Automation
  9. Create Foreign Language Labels for Export
  10. Sell More with Higher-Quality, Professional Labels