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GHS Labeling Compliance

Manufacturers adapt to GHS color labeling requirements with the Kiaro! label printer

GHS Labeling Compliance

The GHS Deadline is fast approaching! Take advantage of every opportunity

QuickLabel Systems has devoted countless hours and resources to becoming experts on the rules and regulations of GHS labeling. We want to share our knowledge with you! Learn every facet of GHS law, through our free GHS white-paper, and learn first-hand how you can print compliant GHS labels, through a free, personalized GHS printing demonstration, that one of our regional printing experts will bring to you.

Color for GHS Compliance & Brand Recognition

GHS Compliance Labeling

Most GHS label printers offer the ability to print GHS compliant labels in just two colors: red-and-black. The Kiaro! offers more: the ability to print full color GHS labels in 1200 dpi resolution. You’ll be able to print your entire chemical label in seconds, including your logo and primary display panel graphics as well as the red-and-black GHS pictograms, text, barcode, and serializations.

Printing in full color, 1200 dpi will allow your compliant GHS labels to send two messages: that your product is packaged safely, by a responsible manufacturer, and that your company logo and branding stand out from other competitors on shelves and in storerooms.

While other companies are stuck with identical packaging, you’ll gain valuable competitive advantages by both maintaining GHS compliance and showing off your signature brand. The advertising real estate offered by an in-house printed label with messaging you craft will ensure your customers and clients never forget where their chemicals are manufactured, and who they’re manufactured by.

Print GHS Compliant Labels Instantly

As soon as a product label design has been approved, finished labels can be printed in minutes. The Kiaro! D is the most cost-effective way to print GHS labels in-house. Chemical producers with QuickLabel printers will not experience delays in packaging or shipping products after adopting GHS labeling standards.GHS Label Components

Easily Print Compliant GHS Labels

Hazard communications content can vary on each GHS label, and manufacturers are finding it wasteful to pre-print GHS labels for each chemical they sell. It is harder still to  ensure that a human being will select the correct GHS label for every product.

The most reliable option is to use labeling software to link to your database of chemical descriptions and a digital label printer to print the right description onto the right label. With a robust color label printer such as the Kiaro! and a fully-featured GHS labeling software such as NiceLabel, it is easy to become compliant and maintain compliance.

Demonstration of GHS Labeling Solution

Schedule an in-person demonstration with the Kiaro! We’ll bring the Kiaro! right to your facility, and print GHS labels using your existing artwork to show you exactly easy it is to compliantly print GHS labels. You can also find out much more about how the Kiaro! can help your facility save time and money by contacting us today! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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