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Just in Time Labeling

Increase the Efficiency of Your Business by Adopting Just in Time Labeling

Just-In-Time Labeling

Just-in-time production is a philosophy that first came about in the 1970s in Japan. Now over 40 years later, manufacturers around the world are embracing this approach to become more efficient and save money.

Just-in-time production adopts the method of producing items to meet current needs instead of producing items in advance of a company’s needs, saving time and money and increasing efficiency. Similarly, just-in-time labeling saves time and money by adjusting your labeling process to match demand.

With the Kiaro! inkjet label printer, adjusting your labeling procedures has never been easier or more beneficial.

Maximize Flexibility. Labeling your products using the just-in-time philosophy will immediately increase your flexibility. The Kiaro! allows you to print exact quantities of labels for your customers at the exact time that you might need them, decreasing the waiting period and turning your products around faster. Your production scheduling will now be more efficiently synchronized with your demand, making your business way more efficient.


Minimize Your Costs. Instead of pre-ordering your label supplies and guessing about the amount you might need, you’ll be able to print exactly what you need, when you need it. With the Kiaro!, you can easily print both large and small quantities of labels at a time, meeting your exact quantity of demands. This way, funds that were previously tied up on label inventories can be used elsewhere in your business.

Meet the Demands of Your Customers. With the quick response benefit of just-in-time labeling, you’ll be able to better meet the demands of your customers. With a greater potential output of products, you’ll be more efficient with what you’re currently producing. The Kiaro! will also allow you to print multiple label designs on one machine. The Kiaro! is easy and quick to use, allowing you to constantly meet the demands of your customers.

De-clutter Your Workplace.  Printing the right amount of labels, right when you need them will allow you to clean up your workplace and get rid of extra inventory that might be taking up essential space on your shelves. Workplace cleanliness and organization is an important aspect to your company’s efficiency. With minimized storage needed, you’ll be able to use that wasted space for other essential items. Labeling your items right when you need to will decrease the chance of your inventory expiring, saving you money in the end.

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