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Promotional Product Labels

Print Your Own Personalized Labels for Advertising Specialties

Promotional Product Labeling

Print the Best Labels for Your Promotional Products!

The advertising specialties market is booming.  The Advertising Specialties Institute, a leader in promotional products, reports that they hold a database of over 750,000 ad specialties. Customizable promotional products are perfect for a universe of uses and customers, and those customers expect results: great products, with beautiful labels made faster and for less cost than anywhere else.

There’s only one printer that can create labels with the versatility, efficiency and quality you need. The Kiaro! inkjet label printer has the ability to produce personalized labels at the right cost, at the right speed, and in the right quantity to satisfy your high demand. The Kiaro! produces high volumes of short-run labels, continuously printing batches of vivid, high-resolution labels as soon as you need them.

Save Money with The Kiaro!

Promotional Products

The Kiaro! is the absolute standard for in-house promotional product label printers. You’ll start seeing the savings that come from instantly printing labels with the Kiaro!. Having a Kiaro! in-house means that you’ll never have to worry about having ordered too many labels, or not having enough labels when you absolutely need to have more. And because the Kiaro! never skips a blank label, you’ll never worry about labels going to waste.  

The Kiaro! houses four huge 240ml ink cartridges, you’re sure to have your ink last longer, and print more labels – that means less re-loading, less ordering, and fewer shipping costs. Plus, with the efficiency that the Kiaro! prints labels,  your cost-per-label will be less than with any other label printer!

Large Amount of Labels. Short Amount of Time.

Lip Balm Express in Mentor, Ohio makes highly customizable, wonderful lip balms for all varieties of promotions.  They’ve found the benefits of the Kiaro! to be its speed, quality and efficiency: “The high-speed ability of the Kiaro! allows for efficiency in printing a large amount of labels in a very short amount of time,” said their Kiaro! label printer, Andrea Olvera.  “Since Lip Balm Express orders [are] anywhere from 100 to 20,000+ labels in size, speed is definitely important.”

“Customers who have been with Lip Balm Express from the beginning have noticed a significant improvement on their labels.” Andrea Olvera, Lip Balm Express

The Kiaro! prints high quality promotional product labels, and it prints them fast – at 8 inches per second, 40 feet per minute! Forget about strenuous set up – the Kiaro! can be installed and printing your labels in under an hour. It prints straight from your digital artwork, and turns files into labels in less than a minute: there are no printing plates involved.

You’ll feel proud of the professional, high quality labels printed by the Kiaro! in astonishing 1200 dpi. “Working from a printer with only 600dpi resolution to 1200dpi definitely left us speechless,” Olvera wrote, “While we used to offer only a limited selection of printable colors to our customers… we now can offer a full palette of colors and possibilities… We also are able to print fine details and obtain a high quality image result.”

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Don’t wait to start reaping the rewards a Kiaro! brings. Schedule a 30-minute in-person demonstration with a Kiaro! Inkjet label printer. And now is the best time to finance a Kiaro! because we’re offering  12 months of 0% interest! Contact us today to learn more about how the Kiaro! can print all the Promotional Product labels you’ll ever need.

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