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Ink Cartridges

for the Kiaro! Inkjet Label Printer

Kiaro! Ink Cartridges:

Kiaro! dye-based inks were designed to print in a wide color gamut onto compatible label stocks with images that resist fading and dry quickly compared to other dye-based inks.

In general, Kiaro! ink cartridges will print tens of thousands of labels before you must replace them (the exact number of labels you can print with each cartridge depends upon the amount of ink used in each particular label design).Kiaro! Ink Cartridges

You’ll get maximum use out of your cartridges because, unlike earlier technologies which used a single tri-color cartridge, the Kiaro! uses four separate cartridges for each ink color, allowing you to replace each individual color as it runs out.

Re-order Kiaro! Inks:

Your Kiaro! printer will warn you when ink cartridge runs low, and allow you to continue printing labels until your cartridge is runs out of ink (remember, a small amount will always remain in the cartridge to prevent air from getting into the ink delivery system). If you don’t have a spare cartridge, this is a good time to re-order. When you decide to re-order inks, please visit our online store at: or call us at 877-757-7978.

Kiaro! Ink Warranty:

The Kiaro! Ink Warranty against defects in labor and workmanship lasts for 24 months if the ink cartridge is in unopened packaging, or up to 6 months after the cartridge is installed inside the Kiaro! label printer, whichever comes first.  If you suspect a problem with your ink, please contact us right away.  

Your Kiaro! Ink Warranty will be voided if Kiaro! ink cartridges are re-filled. Re-filling of ink cartridges with non-Kiaro! inks can cause damage inside of your Kiaro! label printer, damage to the cartridges, and reduction of color gamut, print quality, and/or image stability.

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