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Ink Cartridges

Zeo! Inkjet Label Printer

Inks for Long-Lasting Labels:

QuickLabel offers two inks formulated for the Zeo! Inkjet Label Printer: color (CMY) and black (K). These are sold in separate ink cartridges that snap easily into place inside the Zeo!.

Zeo! color ink is a dye-based formulation designed to produce a wide gamut of long-lasting bright colors that resist fading and dry quickly on Zeo! label materials. Zeo! black ink is a pigment-based formulation designed to produce fine detail, especially important when printing barcodes and small text on Zeo! label materials.

Zeo! Ink CartridgesPrint Hundreds of Labels with Each Cartridge:

Zeo! ink cartridges contain enough ink to print several hundred labels, and in some cases, even a thousand labels before they need to be replaced. The number of labels you can print per cartridge depends on the size of your labels and the amount of ink your label artwork requires.

Re-ordering Inks for Your Zeo! Inkjet Label Printer:

Your Zeo! printer will warn you when your color or black ink supply is low, and allow you to choose whether or not to continue printing until your cartridge is empty. If you don’t have a spare cartridge, this might be a good time to re-order. When you decide to re-order inks, please visit our online store at: or call us at 877-757-7978.

Warranty for Zeo! Inks:

Zeo! inks are sold with a Zeo! Ink Warranty against defects in labor and workmanship. The warranty coverage lasts until the Zeo! ink cartridge is depleted or until the date code printed on the box containing the cartridge has been reached, whichever occurs first.  

If you suspect a problem with your ink, please contact us right away. And, remember that your Zeo! Ink Warranty and Zeo! Label Printer 12-month Warranty will be voided if Zeo! ink cartridges are re-filled. Re-filling of ink cartridges with non-Zeo! inks can cause printer damage, cartridge damage, and reduced print quality or image stability due to incompatibility with Zeo! label materials.

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