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Kiaro! D Extra-Durable Inkjet Color Label Printer

Low Cost, Durable Label Printing at High Speeds

The Kiaro! D prints durable labels that can get dirty, wet, scuffed, and exposed to sunlight and chemicals – all while maintaining legibility and color fastness. Thanks to its cutting-edge pigment ink formulation and QuickLabel's qualified label stocks, labels printed by the Kiaro! D comply with GHS hazard warning labeling regulations, one of the most stringent physical label standards in the world. The Kiaro! D is perfect for bottle, carton, case, and pack labels that require printed product pictures, logos, color codes, barcodes, and other variable data elements.

GHS & BS5609 Compliant

Variable color shoe box labels, hardware labels, electrical labels, lighting labels, industrial product labels, and color warehouse labels are examples of ideal uses of the Kiaro! D. Its reliable operation, 5.9 ips print speed, and 1200 dpi print quality make the Kiaro! D a star performer for your packaging room or production facility. Like the original Kiaro!, the Kiaro! D prints labels from 1”- 4” wide and up to more than 15” in length. The Kiaro! D is compatible with matte polypropylene and paper label materials and doesn’t require lamination to make durable labels.

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On-Demand Printing for LEAN Manufacturing:

The traditional two-step process of first, pre-printing color labels, and second, over-printing them with barcodes and variable data, is costly, inflexible, and prone to mislabeling errors. The Kiaro! D is an essential part of a LEAN manufacturing best practice that allows you to save a step and print complete labels on-demand, replacing your purchases of pre-printed labels and traditional barcode printers. Starting from blank stock, the Kiaro! D prints full-color product labels direct from digital sources such as enterprise systems, barcode labeling software, or graphic design software.

Cut Label Costs by Printing on Demand:

Stop letting pre-printed labels sit on shelves for months, wasting precious warehouse space until they’re obsolete. The Kiaro! D will eliminate your costly inventory of pre-printed labels by allowing you to digitally print your own professional quality, wide labels in short-run batches. You’ll avoid delays due to lagging label shipments, and enjoy the flexibility and control of printing wide labels on demand, as you need them.

Control your own costs by printing only what you need, and spend money only when you print.

Stop Wasting Labels:

The Kiaro! D is unique among all digital color label printers because it prints on the first label out, without a wasteful blank “leader” of labels before or after labels are printed. Watch as a new batch is printed adjacent to a previous batch, with no blank labels in between. The Kiaro! D prints labels consistently, printing full rolls of “useable” labels without stopping, cutting, and splicing the label material thanks to its reliable operation and “in job” cleaning process, unlike any other high speed label printer.

Printing Durable Labels In-House:

Digitally printed labels in 1200 dpi are the new standard, but dye based inks on common media substrates won’t hold up to tough durability standards. With the Kiaro! D, label durability concerns are greatly reduced, with pigment-based inks and QuickLabel qualified label stocks that ensure the highest degree of label durability offered by an in-house printer.

Price of the Kiaro! D Label Printer:

The Kiaro! D includes a One-Year Warranty, Custom QuickLabel® Omni label creation software,  a starter set of Kiaro! D pigment pigment ink cartridges (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink), and a starter roll of labels.

Please contact us for price information in your local area, since prices vary around the world.

Digital Color Label Printer:

  • Print Technology: Fixed Head Inkjet, CMYK
  • Print Modes: Batch mode and Tear-Off demand mode
  • Print Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Print Speed: 2 - 5.9 ips (50mm - 150 mm/s). User selectable.
  • label Sensing: Gap, Reflective mark, and Continuous
  • Connectivity: Built in USB 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 Connection
  • Optional Accessories: Built-in cutter, label rewinder

Label Print Area:

The Kiaro! D prints edge-to-edge, full-bleed labels

  • Print Width: .75” - 4.17” (19 mm - 105.9 mm)
  • Print Length: 0.24” – 15.63” (6 mm – 397 mm) w/ CQL
  • Print Length: 0.24” – 30.0” (6 mm - 762 mm) w/ Driver

Label Printing Supplies:

  • Ink Cartridges: one cartridge each: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink
  • Ink Type: Pigment-based, developed to withstand abrasion, moisture and fluctuating temperatures
  • Cartridge Capacity: 240 mL (230 mL usable)
  • Label Type: Roll or Fanfold
  • Label Gap Length: 0.098” - 0.375” (2.5 mm - 9.5 mm)
  • Reflective Mark Width: 10 mm minimum - 30 mm or greater recommended
  • Reflective Mark Length: 3 mm - 10 mm
  • Label Width: 1” – 4.29” (25.4 mm-109 mm)
  • Label Length: 0.24” – 15.63” (6 mm – 397 mm) w/ CQL
  • Label Length: 0.24” – 30.0” (6 mm - 762 mm) w/ Driver
  • Label Thickness: 5.7 Mil - 10 Mil maximum (145-245 microns)
  • Label Material Type: Paper and synthetic inkjet receptive label materials, including matte and glossy stocks
  • Label Roll Size: up to 7.87” (200 mm) Outside Diameter


  • Labeling Software: Custom QuickLabel® software (included) or NiceLabel® software (optional)
  • Windows® Driver: Kiaro! D printer driver for Windows® 8/7/Vista/XP (32-bit and 64-bit) (included)


  • All major barcodes supported, including 2D GS1 DataMatrix and QR Codes


  • Power: 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 2.2A max
  • Power Consumption: 21W (printing),  8W (sleep),  .4W (off)
  • Dimensions: 15” W x 22” D x 15.5”H (386mm W x 570mm D x 394 mm H)
  • Operating Environment: To be used in a clean production environment. Maintain temperature between 59◦F - 86◦F (15◦C - 30◦C), 10-80% Relative Humidity.
  • Legal Compliance: WEEE, RoHS, China RoHS, REACH, Energy Star/year 2009), ERP LOT6 (energy conservation stand-by mode), TSCA/OSHA/EU Directive

Legal Compliance:

  • UL, CSA, CE, FCC Part 15 Class B, WEEE, RoHS, REACH
  • GHS & BS5609 Compliant

Kiaro! D Ink Cartridges:

Kiaro! D Ink CartridgesThe Kiaro! D uses four separate 240mL, pigment ink cartridges, one each for the CMYK process colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Cartridges can be replaced individually, as each color runs low and are all available from QuickLabel Systems.

Kiaro! D Labels:

The Kiaro! D prints on inkjet-receptive matte paper label materials. Kiaro! D labels can feature water-resistance and chemical resistance. The labels for the Kiaro! D are made to be truly durable with QuickLabel qualified stock, and are all available from QuickLabel Systems.Kiaro! D Labels

Kiaro! D BPO Program:

Get Discounted Inks, Labels, & Replacement Printheads

When you place a Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) with us, you give us an order for all the Kiaro! labels and inks you’ll use in a 12-month period. In exchange, we’ll give you our absolute deepest price discounts on labels and inks and printhead replacements. Click here for more details about the Kiaro! D BPO Program.

Custom QuickLabel Omni

Custom QuickLabel® Omni software (included):

Custom QuickLabel® Omni is a flexible software suite that makes it easy to create and print highly customizable labels with QuickLabel digital label printers.


NiceLabel® Software (optional):

NiceLabel® is a professional labeling software that offers a modular solution that fits into your existing system seamlessly for bar code and RFID label design and printing.

Kiaro! Label Rewinder

Kiaro! Label Rewinder:

The Kiaro! label rewinder automatically rewinds printed labels as they emerge from the Kiaro! label printer. A built-in dancer arm maintains consistent tension on the label material, preventing pulling or tugging as it exits the print engine to ensure that no print defects occur.

Lustro Lam

Lustro-Lam™ Lamination Solution:

Lustro-Lam is a gloss overcoat film that laminates inkjet-printed labels, a specially developed and formulated solution exclusive to QuickLabel. Lustro-Lam is sold as roll of film that can be "printed" onto your labels using a Pronto! barcode printer. Your labels will shine with Lustro-Lam, because its gloss level is rated nearly 3x higher than standard, non-laminated gloss inkjet labels. Plus, Lustro-Lam gives your beautiful printed labels greatly enhanced durability against abrasion, and it’s been tested to be 1000% more chemically resistant to water, alcohol and cleaning chemicals than inkjet-printed polypropylene labels. The cost of the solution is tens-of-thousands of dollars less than cumbersome systems you’ve seen on the market! Make your labels look and feel their best with Lustro-Lam!

Kiaro! Cutter

Kiaro! Label Cutter:

Automatic label cutter integrates directly with the front panel of your Kiaro! inkjet label printer and cuts both die-cut and continuous rollstock materials. Can be used with both pressure-sensitive labels and non-adhesive tags.

Label Dispenser

QuickDispense™ Label Dispenser:

This semi-automatic label dispenser neatly dispenses one label at a time so a user can easily peel it away from its liner and apply it to a product.

View Doc's Tea Case Study Play Video

Doc's Tea

Doc’s Tea knew they needed exceptional labels for their bottles of low calorie tea, and that printing labels on demand and in-house was an ideal solution. When they discovered the amazing performance of the Kiaro! label printer they were amazed, and have been printing beautiful tea labels ever since.  Dr. Christopher Banks,  CCO of Doc’s Tea, says the Kiaro! has been great because, “we don’t have to spend so much money going out to the big labeling companies – we can print them out as we need them and save some time and also save some money.”

View Key Surgical's Case Study Play Video

Key Surgical

With in-house UDI label printing, Key Surgical found fast, easy, and affordable compliance for labeling all of their different medical devices.  In this testimonial video, Key Surgical Director of Operations, Lena Cordie, says that with the Kiaro! label printer, “we save money on labeling stock, on supplies. We're able to purchase smaller quantities more frequently rather than storing them on site with the possibility of damage and waste. The Kiaro! has been a huge asset to our production productivity and efficiency.

View A&J Bakery's Case Study Play Video

A&J Bakery

A&J Bakery’s CEO explains why he switched to the printing his own labels with the Kiaro! instead of buying pre-printed labels from a local commercial printer. While buying pre-printed labels was fine at first, A&J Bakery’s low-volume, short-run label quantities soon made them a low priority customer for the commercial printer and turnaround times were very long. With the Kiaro! in-house, A&J Bakery’s delicious gluten-free and nut free baked goods are labeled on-demand, and shipments are no longer delayed.

View Kermit's Case Study Play Video

Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe

Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe makes every product you can think of that has Key lime in it, from salad dressing, to barbecue sauce, to dog treats, said Karen Puglisi, Sales and Marketing Director. “We use the Kiaro! for the vast majority of our products. It is a huge benefit for us and has definitely  helped us to save time and money. No longer do we have to buy thousands, and thousands, and thousands of any particular size of label. The Kiaro! prints excellent quality labels, the colors are very true. Our jellies and jams are in blue, our cookies are yellow, our BBQ sauces are green, and when you look at our labels, the color pops. The Kiaro! helps us market our products,” said Puglisi.

View Amoretti's Case Study Play Video


As a manufacturer of gourmet ingredients and natural flavors, Amoretti needed their labels to reflect their high-end quality. They purchased one Kiaro!, and soon realized that their volume of different product labels demanded two additional Kiaro! printers. Now with three Kiaro! label printers, they print 100s of varieties high-quality labels, in short run, on-demand. “I first looked at purchasing the Kiaro! because we developed so many new products every day,” said Roland Cooper, CIO, “and it just doesn’t make sense for me to develop a product, create a label and have it printed elsewhere.” Nick Squires, IT and Social Media Coordinator, said, “Our products are high-end pastry ingredients. We’re on the top shelf, and our Kiaro! printers allow us to look that way.”

View Canada E-Juice's Case Study Play Video

Canada E-Juice

Debbie Walker, Director of Canada E-Juice, discovered that printing her own high-quality e-juice labels improved the look of her e-juice bottles, and improved the production process and customer satisfaction for their nationally leading e-cigarette brand.

“We add quality to our juice, our bottle, and our industry just by the look of our label!” says Debbie Walker, Director of Canada E-Juice. “We use the Kiaro! to print every single label that we have: our fruits, our tobaccos, our drinks. They’re easy to print, quick to print, and absolutely look gorgeous on our bottles.”

View the ROBAR enterprise label software Video Play Video

Innovatum ROBAR enterprise label software

When the Kiaro! label printer is used with ROBAR enterprise label software, it forms a complete, validated solution for printing compliant medical device labels. ROBAR, published by Innovatum, is a fully-automated, highly-secure labeling software that offers peace of mind to device manufacturers by minimizing the possibility of human error. The Kiaro! completes the system by providing reliable color label printing at high speeds and producing high-resolution color logos, graphics, barcodes and highly readable text at small type sizes.

View Ortho Development's Case Study Play Video

Ortho Development

Find out how Ortho Development in Salt Lake City, UT is using the Kiaro! to print its FDA-compliant medical device labels.

"We distribute about half, or more than half of our product to Japan, and distributing to Japan requires labels to be perfect," said Carmen Moore, Packaging and Labeling Engineer at Ortho Development, "Our customers are looking for a label that is clear, and well defined... We took on the Kiaro! label printer and did a trial period with it. We found that it printed our labels perfectly. We... fell in love with it."

View Eastern Shore Tea Company's Case Study Play Video

Eastern Shore Tea Company

Stanley Constantine, President of Eastern Shore Tea Company, in Baltimore, MD purchased a Kiaro! label printer and saw an incredible increase in tea sales.

"Since we installed the Kiaro! our tea sales have increased an average of about 40%," he says, "One of our largest grocery chain customers told me that Eastern Shore Tea sales have increased 50% since we installed the Kiaro!."

"We haven’t changed anything - except the label quality," says Constantine, when talking about the 40% jump in tea sales, "I’m convinced that the Kiaro! is responsible."

View Quick Fitting, Inc's Case Study Play Video

Quick Fitting, Inc.

Quick Fitting, the leading manufacturer of "push connect" plumbing fittings and valves sold at Lowe’s, Tractor Supply, Ace Hardware, and other major hardware retailers, found that frequently changing labels to keep up with new retail labeling demands produced a wasteful excess inventory of pre-printed labels that became obsolete over time and were often not delivered fast enough. Quick Fitting was able to cut its costs by 40% when it began printing its own retail plumbing labels just-in-time with the Kiaro! inkjet label printer. "It allows us a flexibility we didn’t have in the past. If we ran out of labels– if we were even short by 30 labels – it cost us a shipment. With the Kiaro! we just simply walk over to the unit and print out some more labels," said David Crompton, CEO of Quick Fitting.

View CJ’s Unique Boutique's Case Study Play Video

CJ’s Unique Boutique

CJ’s Unique Boutique of Colorado Springs, CO prints attractive cosmetics labels using the Kiaro! inkjet label printer for its amazing body care products. "The Kiaro! is a cost-effective, time saving label printer," said Ryan Flynt, webmaster. "It creates excellent quality labels for our packaging, and I couldn’t be happier." CJ’s Unique Boutique found that they needed durable inkjet labels that resisted water for their CJ’s BUTTer product, a cure-all cream that treats virtually all skin problems, from diaper rash to poison ivy. They tried printing lotion labels with the Kiaro! label printer, and found that the Kiaro!-printed labels survive shower water and abrasion from being carried in purses. "If time is money, and you want to spend less time working with what needs to come out and get produced, this is the label printer you get," said Flynt.

View O&H Danish Bakery's Case Study Play Video

O&H Danish Bakery

O&H Danish Bakery in Racine, WI is well-known for its mouth-watering authentic Danish kringles and other pastries. Through its thriving mail order business, O&H customers buy pastry in a variety of flavors and sizes. O&H turned to the Kiaro! inkjet label printer to accommodate the unpredictability in its demand for labels. "One of the major advantages of the Kiaro! is that we can maintain a smaller inventory and print on demand," said Vice President Peter Olesen. "Going to the Kiaro! printer that is able to make a label only as we need it, reduce our wasted inventory – it just makes more sense," said Eric Olesen, Owner and President.

View La Crema Coffee Company's Case Study Play Video

La Crema Coffee Company

Melissa Flohn, owner of La Crema Coffee Company, a specialty coffee roaster in Cincinnati, OH, did something different in 2012: she bought the Kiaro! inkjet label printer to make seasonal coffee labels printed with whimsical artwork created by Lula Bell Art & Designs. The idea was a hit: La Crema Coffee roasted and sold over 500,000 lbs. of coffee bag gifts in 2012. After 7 months of printing coffee labels with the Kiaro! label printer, Flohn says "We love the Kiaro!." "We went with the Kiaro! because of the color it could achieve," says Flohn. "When I do a trade show, the first thing I hear from my customers when they walk into my booth is, "Oh my goodness, I love all the color – and look at the beautiful labels on that package."

View Progressive Lab's Case Study Play Video

Progressive Laboratories

"We have 270 products we manufacture under our own label, and we print those labels in-house. The Kiaro! label printer allows us the flexibility to manufacture our products on the schedule we need," said Larry Thompson, President of Progressive Labs. Based in Irving, Texas, Progressive Labs is a vertically integrated supplements manufacturer that develops, blends, encapsulates, tabletizes, and now labels its own dietary supplements. Progressive Labs printed 250,000 supplement labels with the Kiaro! label printer in its first 5 months of Kiaro! ownership, according to Greg Dragna, Director of Label Production. "I love the Kiaro! and I’d recommend it to anybody," said Dragna.

View Dave's Marketplace's Case Study Play Video

Dave's Marketplace

Dave’s Marketplace is a supermarket chain with nine locations in Rhode Island. Two days per week, Dave’s Marketplace Graphic Designer Steve Alfaia uses the Kiaro! inkjet label printer to print over 10,000 custom labels for produce, meats, and other grocery items. Dave’s Marketplace sees increased sales from its custom-labeled grocery items. "You put a label on an item, it makes a difference in how it sells." Alfaia attributes the success of his labeling operation to the Kiaro!. "The speed of the machine is very impressive … I wouldn’t want to give it up." said Alfaia.

The Kiaro! D can be mated with an automatic label applicator

Do you use a barcode printer-applicator to print onto pre-printed labels?
Do you private label? Do you color code?

Would you like to remove a manufacturing step and go direct to your production line with your color label printing?

Well, you can!

Labeling automation is stuck in the world of monochrome, but now it is possible to create full-color, on-demand label printing, fully integrated into an automatic label applicator system.

We have worked hard with label applicator companies to combine our inkjet digital color label printing technology with label application, taking labels directly out of the Kiaro! D label printer and feeding them directly into the label applicator.

The video below shows our Pack Expo 2014 introduction of the world’s first Kiaro! 4-color label print and apply system, with a semi-automatic label applicator via a loose-loop configuration made by LSI/ProMach.

Are you interested in a Kiaro! D Print & Apply System?

Contact QuickLabel at 877-757-7978, and he will put you in touch with a valued partner who will integrate a Kiaro! with an automatic label applicator system.

Are your customers asking you for Color Print & Apply?

If you are a label applicator company, please get in touch with Steve to discuss technical details. We have the ability to leverage the world’s cutting-edge color label printing technologies to deliver an optimized, customized solution just for you.

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Kiaro! D printing shoe box labels
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