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Label & Tag Cutter-Stackers

Automatically Cut & Stack Your Labels

CS4: Plexo! and Pronto! Label Cutter
CS4: Plexo! and Pronto! Label Cutter

This rotary cutter attaches to the Plexo! 453, Plexo! duo 453, Pronto! 486 and Pronto! 482 via USB and integrates the cutting of labels and tags so that users can print and accurately cut labels and tags in a single process.

  • Minimum Cut Length: 0.08" (2 mm)
  • Maximum Cut Length: 6" (154 mm)
  • Maximum Label/Tag Thickness: 12 Mil (0.012”, 0.30 mm) on paper card stock

Label and Tag Cutter-Stackers are tabletop devices used to cut non-adhesive label or tag material (often cardstock) into individual labels or tags and neatly stack them. A Cutter-Stacker is positioned in-line with a label printer, and cuts and stacks as the strip of material exits the printer.

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