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Zeo! Inkjet Label Printer

Zeo! Labels

We Sell Labels for the Zeo! Inkjet Label Printer:

QuickLabel makes everything you need to print labels (or “stickers”) with the Zeo! inkjet label printer. We offer paper and synthetic labels with coatings to makes them uniquely receptive to color and black Zeo! inkjet inks. Zeo! labels are available as rolls or as Z-fold (fanfold) label packs.

Looking for a Label Size and Shape?
QuickLabel has hundreds of dies that we can use to create labels fresh to your order. To place an order for labels, please contact your personal Media Sales Specialist. Describe your desired label size, material, and other needs (the type of product your labels will be used on, the type of environment they will be in, and any special requirements), and your Media Sales Specialist will offer options and take your order.

Zeo! Paper Labels

  • Material #74: Matte Paper Label with Removable Adhesive: A matte, bright-white paper label that can be cleanly removed from many product surfaces.

  • Material #112, Matte Paper Inkjet Label: Matte white paper label with general purpose permanent adhesive is uniquely receptive to Zeo! inkjet printing and ideal for printing retail display labels where the matte look is desired. Material #112 resists fading, abrasion, smudging, and incidental moisture contact.

  • Material# 121, Matte Paper Wine Label: An ivory-colored label stock with texture reminiscent of a classic laid paper. Material #121 labels can be removed from glass bottles after immersion in hot water.

  • Material #160, High-Gloss Paper Label: High-gloss white paper label provides premium shine desired for primary display labels. General purpose permanent adhesive meets FDA requirements for incidental food contact.

  • Material #167, High-Gloss Paper Label with Water-Resistance: High-gloss white paper label combines water-resistance with high-gloss shine and printability desired for primary display labels. Material #167 complies with FDA 175.105 requirements for incidental food contact.

» Looking For Another Material?

QuickLabel’s Media Lab is constantly in the process of developing and improving label and tag materials for the Kiaro!, and we value your feedback. If you don’t see a material you’re looking for, please let us know.

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