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Pronto! 482 High-Speed Barcode Printer

Lifetime Warranty

The Pronto! 482 offers fast, reliable barcode label printing. With user-friendly printer design, advanced networking, rapid processing, support for all major barcodes, and expandable memory, it is a pleasure to print barcode labels with the Pronto! 482.

The Pronto! 482 is suitable for the majority of barcode label printing applications, delivering consistent, high-speed label printing at up to 10 ips, compatible with most barcode labeling software, and able to be integrated with major ERP systems and custom host software systems.

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Print Over Pre-Printed Labels:

The Pronto! 482 is also used to make low-cost custom labels for primary display labeling when it over-prints a pre-printed flexographic label. Start with a roll of labels printed with your logo, colorful product artwork, or a simple background color “floodcoat.” Then, load this roll into the Pronto! 482 barcode printer, add a roll of thermal transfer ribbon in the color of your choice, and use the Pronto! to print variable information such as product description, flavor, weight, size, nutrition facts, ingredients, and barcode onto the open space of the pre-printed label. The result is a beautiful, “custom-printed” label that costs little.

Barcode Printer with Built-in Ethernet and Web Server:

A built-in Ethernet server and a built-in web server is standard with every Pronto! barcode printer, allowing you to print over a network as well as monitor the status of your barcode printer remotely via the Internet.

Barcode Printer for Factory or Office:

The Pronto! 482 is a quiet addition to any office. Its die-cast aluminum build also makes it rugged enough for industrial settings where operators at workbenches print work-in-process labels or packing labels on-demand, or in a hectic shipping department, where shipping labels are printed on-demand from a warehouse management system.

Lifetime Warranty:

We extend our industry-leading Pronto! Limited Lifetime Warranty & QuickSwap™ Loan, Repair, and Replacement Service to every Pronto! owner. QuickLabel will stay by your side to respond to the questions or problems that may arise as you use your barcode printer to produce the labels your business needs to identify, package, ship, and sell your products.

Price of the Pronto! 482 Barcode Label Printer:

Please contact us for price information in your local area, since prices vary around the world.


  • Technology: Thermal Transfer (1 spot color) and Direct Thermal
  • Resolution: 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
  • Speed: 2 - 10 ips (51 mm - 254 mm/sec)
  • Print Modes: Batch, Tear-Off, Demand/Peel, Cut and Perf/Cut (requires accessories)
  • Control Panel: Illuminated, front panel keypad with Cancel, Enter, Feed, Menu, and Pause functions
  • Display: Illuminated graphical 4 line x 20 character LCD display and Real-Time Clock
  • Print Width: 0.16” – 4.-09” (4 mm – 104 mm); Max. Accepted Label Width (throat): 4.56” (116 mm)
  • Print Length: 0.2” – 78.74” (5 mm – 2000 mm)

Media Requirements:

  • Ribbon Roll Capacity: 500m long (1,640 ft); Outside Diameter: 8.25” (210 mm)
  • Label/Tag Requirements:
    Label/Tag Width: 0.16” (4 mm) -  4.57” (116 mm)
    Label/Tag Length: 0.20” - 78.74" (2000 mm)
    Label Roll Supply Roll: 8.27” (210 mm) OD; 1.5 – 3.94” ID  (38 mm - 100 mm)
    Thickness: 0.0027” - 0.0137” (0.07mm - 0.35mm) or 3-14 mil
  • Media Sensor: Adjustable sensor moves from 0.2" - 2.09" (5 mm - 53 mm). Detects Gap/Notch, Reflective, and Continuous.

Barcodes and Fonts:

  • Linear Barcodes: Code 39, Code 39 Full ASCII Indent and lead (extended Code 3 of 9), Code 93, Code 128 A, B, C, Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar, EAN 8, EAN 13, EAN/UPC Appendix 2, EAN/UPC Appendix 5, FIM, GS1-128 (formerly known as UCC 128), HIBC, 13 JAN 8, Identcode (German Post Code), MSI, Plessey, Postnet, RSS 14, UPC A, UPC E, E0
  • 2D Barcodes: Aztec, Codablock F, EAN-Datamatrix, Data Matrix, PDF 417, Micro PDF 417, QR-Code, RSS 14 truncated, limited, stacked and stacked omnidirectional, IUID/UID, UPS Maxicode.
  • Fonts: Any TrueType® font can be downloaded; 5 bitmap and 3 vector fonts on-board

Software and Electronics:

  • Printer Drivers: Windows® Vista driver standard
  • Software: NiceLabel® barcode labeling software optional
  • System Integration: Host protocol, Basic compiler
  • Memory: 64Mb RAM, 8Mb ROM on-board. Optional: Up to 1 Tb USB drive, up to 256Gb Type 1 Compact Flash card
  • Electronics: 32-bit ColdFire RISC 266 MHz, Real-Time Clock
  • Connectivity: Standard: USB 2.0 (two additional USB ports for accessories), Ethernet 10/100 Base-T (10/100 Mbit/s), RS232C Serial; Optional: Wireless LAN card, IEEE 1284 Parallel adapter

Physical and Environmental:

  • Dimensions: 274mm H x 242 mm W x 446 mm D (10.78" H x 9.52" W x 17.55" D )
  • Weight: 19.84 lbs. (9 kg)
  • Environmental Requirements: Operate at 50° - 95° F (10° - 35° C), 30 – 85% Relative Humidity
  • Power Requirements: Universal Power Supply 100 - 240 VAC (self-switching), 50/60Hz 250W max.
  • Compliance Standards: CE, UL/CULus, FCC Class A, RoHS, WEEE

Pronto! Barcode Labels & Ribbons:

We make and sell barcode labels and thermal transfer ribbons at a good price, in consistent quality, with quick delivery. We offer a great deal if you agree to buy labels and ribbons for your Pronto! only from us.


NiceLabel® Software (recommended):

NiceLabel® is a professional labeling software that offers a modular solution that fits into your existing system seamlessly for bar code and RFID label design and printing.

Custom QuickLabel Omni

Custom QuickLabel® Omni software (optional):

Custom QuickLabel® Omni is a flexible software suite that makes it easy to create and print highly customizable labels with QuickLabel digital label printers.

Pronto! Label Rewinder

Label Rewinder:

Compact device automatically winds labels onto a roll as they exit the printer. Finished rolls are ready to be loaded into an automatic label applicator, label dispenser, or stored for later use.

Pronto! Integrated Label Rewinder

Integrated Label Rewinder:

Compact device communicates directly with the Pronto! 486 and Pronto! 482 printers via USB and detects label print speed, automatically adjusting rewind speed to wind labels onto a roll without tugging.

Pronto! Cutter

Label & Tag Cutter:

This attachment integrates the cutting of pressure-sensitive labels and non-adhesive tags with the Pronto! 486 and Pronto! 482 printers so that users can print and accurately cut tags in a single process. Available with optional, attachable tray to collect cut labels and tags. Minimum cut length: 0.47" (12 mm). Maximum label/tag thickness: 12 Mil (0.012”, 0.30 mm) on paper card stock.

Pronto! Cutter-Stacker

Label & Tag Cutter-Stacker:

This integrated accessory attaches to the front of any Pronto! barcode label printer, so that labels are cut and stacked as they are printed. Speed is up to 120 cuts per minute. Printing and cutting will stop automatically when the maximum height of the stack is reached (5.5” high, 140mm). Printer front panel will display Cutter-Stacker status messages, including maximum stack height and label jam error: To initiate cutting, select “Cutter” from the Pronto! Windows® driver.

Pronto! Large Roll Unwinder

Large Roll Unwinder:

External device for support of extra-large roll of blank labels. This unit sits behind the Pronto! 486 or Pronto! 482 and modulates the rate at which the printer takes labels from the large label supply. Max accepted roll diameter is 11.7.”

Label Dispenser

QuickDispense™ Label Dispenser:

This semi-automatic label dispenser neatly dispenses one label at a time so a user can easily peel it away from its liner and apply it to a product.

Compact Flash Card

Compact Flash Card:

2 Gb card stores label files, images, and fonts where they can be rapidly retrieved during printing, reducing processing time for the host computer. In addition, the Compact Flash card can store custom software programs written to interpret data coming from another system into a language the Pronto! can print.


WLAN Card:

802.11 g/b wireless LAN network card allows you to connect wirelessly to your Pronto! 482 or Pronto! 486, and allows you to print labels from your computer to your Pronto! anywhere in range of your local network.

Read Maison Beausoleil's Case Study Article

Maison Beausoleil

Maison Beausoleil, the highest-volume processor of Atlantic oysters in North America, ships between 500-600 metric tons of Atlantic oysters each year. All oysters are shipped inside wooden crates that feature a colorful, pre-printed label. Each pre-printed label is a shell with blank areas that are over-printed by the Pronto! 482 barcode label printer. (This article is in French only)

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M.F. Foley Fish

Watch how "Boston's Real Fish House" fresh fish distributor M. F. Foley Fish uses the Pronto! 482 integrated with Seasoft® to print labels for their trademark Foley Fish golden metal tins as they are packed and weighed.

Pronto! 482 - Full View
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Private Label Foley Fish Tins
Private Label & Print Barcodes Print Over Pre-printed Labels Private Label Foley Fish Tins Pronto! 482 - Full View
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