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Ethernet Connectivity, Expandable Memory, High-Speed Processing

Pronto! 482 & 486

Ethernet Connectivity:

Ethernet connectivity is standard in the Pronto! 482 and Pronto! 486. Built-in Ethernet connectivity allows you add these printers to your local computer network and print to them from any location in your facility - you don't need to be directly connected to your Pronto!. Built-in web server makes it convenient to view the status of any Pronto! printer on your network – you can see whether it is printing, receiving data, or in need of labels or ribbon!


Pronto! Ethernet protocol supports RAW-IP communication, which allows you to write a basic custom program to address the Pronto!. It also supports DHCP, which automatically and dynamically assigns the Pronto! a network IP address. And, the Pronto! internal Ethernet also supports SMTP protocol, which means that your Pronto! can send you an e-mail if it runs out of ribbons or labels!

High-Speed Processing of Variable Information Labels:

There’s no hesitation when the Pronto! 482 and Pronto! 486 print variable information. With their ColdFire® CPU running at 400 MIPS at 266 MHz, data processing speed is rapid. In combination with the 64 MB SDRAM and 8MB Flash on-board memory, time-to-print the first label out is very quick, and there will be virtually no “pauses” for buffering of data and no “data overload” for the vast majority of label print jobs.

All Major Barcodes:

The Pronto! 486 and Pronto! 482 can generate virtually any linear barcode symbology and 2D barcode symbology in existing. Here’s a partial list:

Linear Barcodes: Code 39, Code 39 Full ASCII Indent and lead (extended Code 3 of 9), Code 93, Code 128 A, B, C, Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar, EAN 8, 13 JAN 8, 13 EAN, EAN/UPC Appendix 2, EAN/UPC Appendix 5, FIM, HIBC, Identcode (German Post Code), MSI, Plessey, Postnet, RSS 14, UCC 128, UPC A, E, E0

2D Barcodes: Aztec, Codablock F, EAN-Datamatrix, Data Matrix, PDF 417, Micro PDF 417, QR-Code, RSS 14 truncated, limited, stacked and stacked omnidirectional, IUID/UID, UPS Maxicode.

System Integration Ready:


Both Pronto! printers are ready for system integration by virtue of a built-in Basic compiler program that allows the Pronto! to interpret incoming data and print labels written in another language. If you plan to connect your Pronto! to a device such as a scale or to add it to an existing packaging line via communication with a mainframe computer and ERP system, QuickLabel Systems will assist you by writing an interpreter for each label format. Note: this compiler is intended to translate a small number of label templates, and is not a true language emulator

Advanced Connectivity:

Both the Pronto! 482 and Pronto! 486 have the latest connectivity available in a barcode label printer. Both come standard with two USB 2.0 accessory ports (and another for communication with the host computer). You can connect the Pronto! integrated rewinder, Pronto! integrated cutter unit, and other accessories via USB. In addition to USB, both Pronto!s come standard with Ethernet (above) and RS232C serial ports. If you like, we also offer an optional Wireless LAN card.

Expandable Memory:

You can reduce label processing time for your host computer by connecting your own USB memory stick into one of the available USB accessory ports or install a Compact Flash card with up to 2 Gb storage, and save your label file formats, images, databases, and fonts on these memory devices, where they can be rapidly retrieved during label printing.

QuickLabel's Pronto! Barcode Printer Family

Pronto! 482 Barcode Printer: Fast Barcode Label Printing

The Pronto! 482 offers fast, reliable barcode label printing.

  • 2-10 ips
  • 203 dpi
  • Built-in Ethernet
Pronto! 486 Barcode Printer: High-Quality Barcode Label Printing

The desktop Pronto! 486 barcode printer is ideal for high-resolution barcode label printing.

  • 1-4 ips
  • 600 dpi
  • Built-in Ethernet
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