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User-Friendly Design

Pronto! 482 & 486

User-Friendly DesignWhy should you buy a bar code printer that’s hard to load with thermal transfer ribbon and die-cut labels, displays “cryptic” error messages, is noisy, hard to clean, takes up too much space, has a printhead that your operator has to struggle to replace, or that doesn’t come with technical support from the company that made it?

Now you don’t have to. Both the Pronto! 482 and Pronto! 486 are easy to use, with a design informed by a deep understanding of the operators who use them. For example:

  • We know you have limited workspace, so the purple cover of our Pronto! 482 and Pronto! 486 folds in the center to minimize the opening radius, allowing you to lift the cover to re-load labels and ribbon without touching the wall, computer, or the second printer your Pronto! may sit beside.

  • One Allen head screw removes all parts for cleaning and replacement – and we provide you with a built in Allen head screwdriver to remove them.

  • We know you may use an Ethernet network and want to be able to add your barcode printer to your network so you can print labels from it just as you would print from any other printer in your building – that’s why Ethernet connectivity is standard in the Pronto! 482 and Pronto! 486.

  • We know you want a source to buy barcode labels and thermal transfer ribbons at a good price, in consistent quality, with quick delivery. That’s why we’ve expanded our line of label and ribbon supplies, and offer customer service from a personal Media Product Specialist who is dedicated to your account.

  • Most of all, we know you don’t have the time or money to deal with barcode printer problems. That’s why we extend our industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty & QuickSwap™ Loan, Repair, and Replacement Service to every Pronto! owner. QuickLabel will stay by your side to respond to any questions and problems that may arise as you use your barcode printer to produce the labels your business needs to identify, package, ship, and sell your products.

Our aim is to give you the “best barcode printers with the best printer warranty” on the market. After seeing the Pronto! 482 and Pronto! 486, we hope you’ll agree that we have.

QuickLabel's Pronto! Barcode Printer Family

Pronto! 482 Barcode Printer: Fast Barcode Label Printing

The Pronto! 482 offers fast, reliable barcode label printing.

  • 2-10 ips
  • 203 dpi
  • Built-in Ethernet
Pronto! 486 Barcode Printer: High-Quality Barcode Label Printing

The desktop Pronto! 486 barcode printer is ideal for high-resolution barcode label printing.

  • 1-4 ips
  • 600 dpi
  • Built-in Ethernet
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