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QLS-4100 Xe Digital Color Thermal Label Printer

Print Full Color Labels In-Line, in Real-Time

The QLS-4100 Xe color label printer efficiently prints highly-customized labels in small quantities and eliminates the need to keep pre-printed labels in inventory. You can print color labels and apply them to your products immediately, with full control over label quality and when your labeled products will be ready to ship.

Manufacturers choose the QLS-4100 Xe when they need to print color labels in real-time, on-demand, with unique, product-specific label content that varies from label to label. It instantly prints labels with barcodes, color codes, logos and graphics, product description text, serializing text such as expiration dates and best-by dates, and prompted fields.

The QLS-4100 Xe is often used to print labels in-line, as products are packaged, to custom-print a unique color label for each unique product. It’s also used to print batches of labels on a roll.

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Overview of the QLS-4100 Xe Color Label Printer:

The QLS-4100 Xe color thermal transfer label printer delivers instant, high-speed digital color label printing to manufacturers who need to print product labels on-demand, on a production floor or in an office.

Batches of Color LabelsIn addition to printing labels in-line, one label at a time, the QLS-4100 Xe is also used to print batches of color labels, on rolls. High-speed, on-board data processing capacity allows the QLS-4100 Xe to print thousands of color labels on a roll without hesitating when graphics change, when automatically calculated fields such as expiration dates change, or when label content is dynamically pulled from a database. Label print speed is user-selectable, from 2-7 inches per second.

It’s easy to print labels with variable content using Custom QuickLabel Omni labeling software. And, as an intelligent label printer, the QLS-4100 Xe can be custom-programmed via its host protocol to print labels with variable information content pulled from a database or ERP system.

The ability to program this intelligent label printer via its host protocol makes it ideal when there is a need to integrate a color label printer in-line with an automatic label applicator system or a need to print labels from an enterprise software system or from custom-written software.

Print Color Labels in Real Time, On the Factory Floor or in the Office:

Because the QLS-4100 Xe prints labels in real-time, directly from a computer or host system, users can print labels with variable information label content, where each printed label is unique. This means label graphics, text, barcodes, color codes (and any other label content) can change as labels are printed, at any time.

This rugged digital color label printer is designed especially for use on a factory floor, but its quiet operation and compact size makes it equally suitable for use on an office tabletop. Private Label with the QLS-4100 Xe

Private Label with the QLS-4100 Xe:

The QLS-4100 Xe allows manufacturers to print a different label for every product and every customer, on-demand. Food manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, industrial tool manufacturers, promotional products makers, and others often use the QLS-4100 Xe to mass-customize labels for private label customers, major retailers, and distributors.

Digitally printed labels allow you to add value to your product with low-cost, custom-printed labels. Thanks to the cost-efficiency of color thermal transfer label printing technology, the finished cost-per-label often allows manufacturers to save money when printing color labels in short-run, small quantity label batches.

Label Print Speed and Number of Labels per Hour

The QLS-4100 Xe prints highly durable labels, and will operate in demanding production environments for many years with only minimal maintenance. The QLS-4100 Xe prints an average of over 3,000 labels an hour in CMYK color print mode (four color process printing) at 300 dpi, and over 7,000 labels an hour in spot color printing mode. The number of labels you can print per minute/hour depends on the size of your label.  

The Color Label Printer for System Integration:

Color Printer for System IntegrationMany of the hundreds of QLS-4100 Xe printers at work in factories and distribution centers around the world are integrated to print in-line with packaging systems. The QLS-4100 Xe can be directly integrated with an automatic applicator to form a true color label printer-applicator system via its “applicator mode,” a standard feature of the QLS-4100 Xe.

Custom QuickLabel® Omni, the native labeling software of the QLS-4100 Xe, comes with a module called QuickCommand that can receive data from your existing software, allowing you to interface with your software or enterprise system and print color labels to any site on your network from the QLS-4100 Xe.Popular Uses

Leading companies in the banking, electronics, frozen food, hardware, medical device, snack foods, and tire manufacturing industries have successfully integrated the QLS-4100 Xe into their custom-built packaging systems with the assistance of third-party system integrators. Contact us for a recommendation of a system integrator for the QLS-4100 Xe.

Popular Uses of the QLS-4100 Xe Label Printer:

  • Distributor-brand labels on cases and cartons of foods
  • Display labels on boxes of electronic devices, with color codes and other variable content
  • Display labels on bin boxes of plumbing parts displayed in home improvement retail stores
  • Logo labels and personalized messages on promotional products
  • Personalized color address labels on document folders in large processing centers
  • Pipe marker labels and small signs for facility safety
  • Rating plates for electric motors and other electronics
  • Tyvek® pouches color-coded for medical devices

Price of the QLS-4100 Xe Label Printer:

Please contact us for price information in your local area, since prices vary around the world.

QLS-4100 Xe Label Printer Specifications:

Printing Technology: Color Thermal Transfer, CMYK Process and Spot Color
Print Stations: Four printheads
Print Speed: 2 – 7 linear inches per second (50mm – 177mm)
Resolution: 300 dpi (12 dots/inch)
Color Halftoning/Screening: Patented color label printing optimization algorithms available in Windows® Driver and Custom QuickLabel® Omni software
Registration Accuracy: ± 0.5 dot typical (0.0015”, 40 microns)
Ribbon Saver: User selectable, patented RibbonRation® system conserves thermal transfer ribbon automatically using air-operated cylinders
Maximum Print Area: Width: 5” (12.7cm); Length: 60” (152cm) with Windows Driver; 30” (76cm) with Custom QuickLabel® Omni

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Supply: 4 rolls, each 3,281 ft long (1000m); CMYK or Spot rolls
Label/Tag Size: Width: 5.125” Max (130mm), 2” Min. (51mm); Length: 0.395” Min. (10mm)
Label/Tag Thickness: 12 point Max (0.16”, 0.007mm) recommended
Label/Tag Roll Capacity: 12” Max Outside Diameter (30 cm)

Software: Windows® Driver (Windows® 10/7/Vista/XP/2000/2003-compatible) Included; Custom QuickLabel® Omni label design and print management software is optional
Resident Barcodes: All standard barcodes, including 2D barcodes
OS Platform: PC and AS/400 compatible

Connectivity: Ethernet, IEEE-1284 High-Speed Parallel (Centronics) & Serial (RS-232)
Memory:  Standard: 128 MB on-board; Optional: Up to 2 GB Memory Card
Dimensions: 24”H x 15.5”D x 36”L (610mm H x 394mm D x 914mm L)
Weight: 140 lbs. (64kg)
Power Requirements: 120/240 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 6.3/4.0A, 750 Watts
Compressed Air: 1 cfm @ 70 psi required to operate RibbonRation®

Labels and Thermal Transfer Ribbons for the QLS-4100 Xe:

The QLS-4100 Xe offers some label printing advantages due to its unique thermal transfer printer technology: the ability to print long-lasting, durable labels and the ability print labels in the color white, and in special, dedicated colors including metallic gold and silver. This is possible because, instead of using inkjet ink or laser toner, the QLS-4100 Xe uses color thermal transfer ribbons as printing ink. With the largest inventory of colored thermal transfer ribbons in the world, QuickLabel sells over 70 different formulations of thermal transfer ribbons in a rainbow of colors. Request a quote on thermal transfer ribbon.

Labels printed by the QLS-4100 Xe are finished, dry, and need no additional finishing. Users can printed directly on pre-die cut label materials, producing a range of label shapes and sizes. Request a quote on labels to supply a QLS-4100 Xe label printer.

Compatibility with a wide range of thermal transfer labels and tag materials, including both pressure sensitive paper label materials and synthetic label materials that are not compatible with other printing technologies, is another advantage of color thermal transfer printing. Many rollstock packaging films are compatible with the QLS-4100 Xe label printer. If you’d like our Media Test Lab to evaluate your material for compatibility with the QLS-4100 Xe, Contact a Media Sales Specialist.

Software & Accessories for the QLS-4100 Xe:

The QLS-4100 Xe comes included with a Windows®-compatible driver that allows you to print labels from virtually any Windows-compatible software. Custom QuickLabel Omni® barcode and label creation software is optional.

Custom QuickLabel® Omni software was developed to extend the performance of the QLS-4100 Xe. This software makes it easy to print labels in a production facility, with its Create module giving you the ability to edit labels in the office, and its Print-Only module allowing operators on the production floor to pull up read-only access to the labels. Label formats can also be partially locked, with only prompted fields available to the production operator. This protects the label against accidental edits, and allows production staff to input batch-specific data.

Custom QuickLabel software provides a simple interface to create label designs, including graphics, barcodes, lot codes, nutrition facts panels, and more, as well as variable fields. This labeling software performs all basic calculations needed for label printing, such as automatically calculating and printing a label with a “best before date” based on the production date. It also gives you advanced Print Manager options to handle printing of multiple label files and multiple print jobs.

Its QuickCommand function allows you to integrate your QLS-4100 Xe with your enterprise software by allowing you to extract data from your enterprise software into a Custom QuickLabel Omni label format.

QuickLabel offers many options and accessory devices for the QLS-4100 Xe, including:

  • Pullback Option: The QLS-4100 Xe natively prints “batches” of labels with a “leader” of blank labels to separate print jobs. Pullback is an optional mechanical accessory that is factory-installed on your QLS-4100 Xe to allow it to print labels in “demand-mode” (without blank labels between print jobs) in addition to batch mode. With Pullback, the QLS-4100 Xe reverses the direction of label handling, literally pulling label material back through its four print stations in order to print on the blank labels between batches. Pullback is typically used when the QLS-4100 Xe prints extremely short-runs of labels.

  • RW-2 Label Rewinder: This compact, robust label rewinder winds printed label material onto a roll as the material exits the QLS-4100 Xe. These rolls are then ready to be loaded onto an automatic label applicator or print and apply system.

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