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Label Dispenser to Peel and Stick Labels

QuickDispense Label Dispenser
QuickDispense Label Dispenser

If you have manually applied labels to products, you know that it can be difficult to keep printed labels from wrinkling, tearing, or getting dirty, and to keep your packaging area neat. Hand-apply labeling is time-consuming and can waste labels. The QuickDispense™ label dispenser offers an alternative, neatly dispensing one label at a time and peeling it away from its liner so it can be removed and applied fast. As users take a label, a built-in sensor detects the missing label and automatically advances another label in its place, while simultaneously rewinding the waste liner. When your operator is rushing to fulfill orders for labeled products, the QuickDispense can save precious time and money.

To use the QuickDispense, place a roll of printed labels that has been rewound by a label rewinder onto the spindle. Next, thread the material according to simple instructions printed on the side of the QuickDispense. Now you’re ready to apply!


  • Accepts Label Widths of: 0.5” – 6.5” (13 – 165 mm)
  • Dispenses Label Lengths of: 0.25” – 8” (6 – 203 mm)
  • Maximum Label Roll Size: 8” Outside Diameter (203 mm)

The QuickDispense™ label dispenser neatly dispenses one label at a time so the user can easily peel it away from its liner and apply it to a product.

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