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Vivo! Touch BPO Program

Buy Labels & Toner in Advance for Deeply Discounted Prices!

BPO Program

Placing a Blanket Purchase Order will maximize your savings on toner and labels, and give you huge discounts on printheads and replacement parts for your Vivo! Touch color label printer. Your 12-month purchase commitment comes with our guarantee that you’ll never see prices as low as the ones you receive from your BPO.

Maximizing Cost Effectiveness

When you pre-order your label printer supplies for a 12-month period, our production department can plan and produce your supplies more efficiently. We can procure raw material at the lowest cost, and produce finished goods in larger runs. These savings get passed directly to you with lower prices on inks and labels, and deep discounts on items such as replacement parts for your Vivo! Touch. Get in touch with a media sales specialist for more details about how you can participate in the BPO program!

On Your Schedule

As a part of our BPO program, you can choose to have all of your supplies delivered at once, or according to a schedule of release dates that we quote in accordance with your requirements. We know your needs can change throughout the year, so the dates and quantities of your shipments can be adjusted. Most of the shipping practices in our BPO program depend on the details of your label needs – we have Media Sales Specialists available who can offer you more exact details of how the BPO will work into your production schedule.

Your Media Sales Specialist will also coordinate the transition between traditional label printing, and the BPO program. There will never be a point in time when you’re waiting on your new discounted labels from the BPO program to arrive.

Ask your Media Sales Specialist about signing onto our annual Vivo! Touch BPO program.