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Lifetime Warranty & QuickSwap™ Loan, Repair and Replacement Service

Pronto! 482 & 486

Technical Support

We understand that your purpose in buying a barcode printer is to produce labels for identifying, packaging, selling, and shipping your products. Your business relies on your ability to print barcode labels whenever you need them. Although all equipment is subject to failure, QuickLabel Systems wants you to know that you can be confident in your Pronto! barcode printer.

That’s because if you have a printing problem or product failure, we will take care of it. Here’s how:

Telephone Technical Support:

Many Pronto! customers have a question we can answer by telephone. For example, they may need training on a basic function such as how to load their Pronto! with labels and ribbon. Or, they may have a problem that can be solved quickly with “troubleshooting assistance” from a live person.

That’s why QuickLabel Systems factory-trained technicians are available to talk to you 24-hours a day. We are available even after business hours, on weekends, and on holidays. When you telephone QuickLabel Systems after normal business hours, simply follow the prompts on our voicemail system to leave us a detailed message. We will return your call right away! Call 877-757-7310 to speak to a QuickLabel technician.

QuickSwap™ Parts Service:

While speaking with you by telephone, we may determine that you require a replacement part to solve your problem. If that is the case, we will ship you the part you need, and you can install it yourself. This parts service does not include regular replacement of “wear parts” such as printheads and drive rollers. These wear parts are replaced at a discounted rate under our Pronto! BPO program.

QuickSwap™ Repair Service:

If we determine that you are having a problem that requires your printer to be repaired at our factory, we will ask you to ship your Pronto! back to us. In the meantime, we will ship you a Pronto! printer on loan under our QuickSwap™ program. While you continue printing labels with your “loaner” Pronto!, we will repair your printer at our factory. We will return your Pronto! to you, and ask that you return your QuickSwap™ “loaner” Pronto! to us.

You can be sure of this: Your telephone call to us will be promptly answered by one of the factory-trained technicians in our Technical Support Department, which is legendary in the label printing industry.

For more detailed information about the Pronto! Limited Lifetime Warranty, please contact us.