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Vivo! Touch 12-Month Warranty & Customer Support Package

In-Person Service Visits, 24 Hour Telephone Support, & Repair Service

Technical Support

The Vivo! Touch color label printer comes with a 12-Month Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship and also includes a 12-Month Customer Support Package.  We provide this warranty and free support package because we want you to be assured that we will continue to support your Vivo! Touch long after you buy it. QuickLabel Systems will not sell you a Vivo! Touch and then leave you to read a user manual and troubleshoot your own problems.

The Vivo! Touch Warranty & Customer Support Package Includes:

  • Installation & Training Visit: When you buy a Vivo! Touch, one of our factory-trained specialists will come to your facility to set-up your label printer and train you to use it. We'll stay there with you until you are familiar with the operation of the printer and able to print your own labels.
  • One Additional In-Person Visit: In addition to the installation and training visit, the Vivo! Touch Warranty also provides you with one in-person visit per year to your facility by a factory-trained QuickLabel technical specialist. Additional visits are available for a fee, should an unforeseen problem arise.
  • Parts Repair and Replacement: You will also receive our Parts Repair and Replacement Service, under which we will ship you a replacement for any broken or defective part you made need, free of charge, up to and including the Vivo! Touch printer itself, as long as there has been no abuse or misuse. Please note that this excludes the toners, image drums, transfer belt, and fuser unit “wear part” supplies that are periodically replaced as a normal part of printing. These printing supplies and wear parts are replaced at a discounted rate under our Vivo! Touch BPO program.
  • Unlimited Telephone Assistance: You receive unlimited toll-free telephone technical support via our 877-757-7310 technical support telephone line. We make a QuickLabel factory-trained technical specialist available to speak with you by telephone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays. When you telephone QuickLabel Systems after normal business hours, simply follow the prompts on our voicemail system to leave us a detailed message. A technician will return your call right away! Of course, we also provide email technical support assistance.

Note on Availability: The Vivo! Touch 12-Month Warranty is a manufacturer's warranty and is available worldwide. The Vivo! Touch 12-Month Customer Support Package is included with the purchase of a Vivo! Touch from QuickLabel Systems in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK. Outside of these regions, the Vivo! Touch is sold by one of QuickLabel’s Authorized Resellers, and Customer Support Package terms may vary.